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Emerging realities are going to change the way people interact with our digital content. I have been working with all of the realities for the past 5 years. 20 of them large scale installations. Everything from he initial design discovery to full product releases.

create what you want


Coding, animations, level design, lighting, custom editor scripts etc. I've been there and done that with a lot of engines. Unity3D has been my engine of choice since 2007.

at your finger tips


Ever since the market took off in 2007, I have been building native and hybrid mobile apps. Over 50 apps to date!

old school to the bone


I've done quite a few applications in .NET using C#. Mobile apps with Xamarin, voice controlled UWP applications and more!

I've worked with clients all around the world, here are just a few.


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Carl Sagan

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology,
in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."

Speaking Engagements

2018 Florida Scholastic Press Convention

Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando FL

April 13th @ 11 AM, PALMS E

Our Future is Immersive & You Will Build It!

The current working generation is, and was consumed by screens, limited to pixel densities, digital real estate, limited power and limited rendering. Experts today are working to remove those limitations and expand digital presence into the real physical world. As we lay the foundational work, the next generation will improve and be consumed by the immersive technology that is not only digitally beautiful and interesting, but smart, with the rise of AI, Blockchain and Deep Learning.